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Embarking on psychotherapy is a significant step, and we're excited that you've chosen to begin your mental health journey with ICP. Our intake process is carefully designed to guide you seamlessly toward the most effective and beneficial treatment for your well-being.

Initially, you'll undergo a brief phone assessment with an intake coordinator to determine if we can schedule an intake for you. Upon confirmation, you'll be scheduled for an intake session, where you'll engage with an intake worker. This session serves to discuss your situation and help us assess if our services align with your needs. We'll cover our therapist selection process, treatment planning, and fees during this process. To ensure comprehensive care, we may inquire about your prior treatment experiences.

Throughout this journey, our clinicians are dedicated to determining if our services match your needs, with the overarching goal of making your experience constructive. While we strive to accommodate everyone, there may be instances where our intake appointment waiting period is too long or where our services might not be the best fit. In such cases, we're committed to providing alternative referrals. Please note that our intakes and treatment sessions are by appointment only, and we are not equipped for walk-in or crisis services. If immediate assistance is needed, we recommend seeking help at a local hospital emergency room, as we do not have an on-site psychiatrist.

To schedule an intake appointment, you can either complete our ICP Treatment Request form below or call us at: (212) 333-3444.

ICP Treatment Request

ICP Treatment Request

  • If you know what treatment program you are interested in, please indicate it here. If you aren't sure, our intake coordinators can help you determine the right treatment program for you. Or to learn more, please go to the links for each treatment program.
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